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Then he throws a fit when Jesse gets a Wii U from his mother and then proceeds to destroy it, fresh out of the box, because 'Jesse has enough video games'. Naked girls with stretch marks. Psycho Kid Smashes TV 7: Throughout the level are taxidermy bear statues, with their bloodshot eyes narrowed in rage and their arms raised in a threatening manner.

So when he and his friends go too far during a scam, the first idea Eddy has is to hide out with his brother. They push for censorship of information they do not like, as their claims cannot stand up to scrutiny.

Okay, picture a girl she is a high school student wh. Mcjuggernuggets mom naked. His lower-than-dirt scumbag of a father. Even if it is fake, this is still unacceptable. But as annoying as Foxy was, he at least had somewhat of a code of honour, and he did seem to genuinely care for his crew. Because really, I think all of his worst traits can all be blamed on one person: I dunno how long. Coldly and angrily dismisses Jesse's attempts to find out what he wants for his birthday.

Here's one level where I went out of my way to try and make it as scary as I possibly could without pushing an M rating. Sexy girls making. Sign In Don't have an account? And when she doesn't give him his way when he tries to get through to her? Feels like Psycho Jesse to me. Psycho Dad Splits Computer Please read through these rules before posting!!! Some people have speculated that Jesse had woken up after a very long sleep by his brother, which seems to be the most plausible case.

Impostures caught impersonating will be permanently banned without consideration. He doesn't seem to remember anything except for that he loves to film. If you're underage go out and get some free candy.

Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle No matter what the situation, no matter who he's talking to, every time he opens his mouth it feels like he's absolutely disgusted and he wants to punch out whoever he's talking to.

Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox 8: Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo Stewie can create portals in certain areas by using a pad with his face on it to gain access to new areas.

One thing that really pisses me off about the creators of these videos is that they refuse to accept criticism. Psycho Dad Raids Stream And what did Psycho Dad do about this? Your not fucking anything apart from yourself!

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So after Jesse gets back in, he's celebrating his birthday with his family.

They attack by swiping with their claws. Psycho Dad Axes Laptop 4: So how does he respond to being divorced? Today's stream is gonna be epic MissionMemphis http: When someone says something they don't like, they call it "hate speech. Big fat black tits pics. He has a laptop, a TV, etc. Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle That's like setting up a trampoline in your backyard and forbidding anyone else from using it because 'it's your own personal trampoline.

Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox 2: Views 1, Favourites 11 who? What will this series be about? Sub to our YT: He can't acknowledge his own faults, so he pins all the blame on others to make himself feel better.

The Death of Common Sense shared. Will all of the videos in the new series continue to only be around 2 and a half minutes? Keep a positive attitude and maintain well sportmansship. You may notice that certain abilities characters have may seem similar to one another. So after getting kicked out, Jesse is living out in a tent in the woods in their backyard.

This is just for fun. Mods please create the wiki. Psycho Brother Clips Head 5: Xavi and Pirlo https: He genuinely feels he's in the right all the time.

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They are large but slow enemies, that prowl around the castle and charge at you if they see you. Wet pussy dripping with cum. Mcjuggernuggets mom naked. If your post contains spoilers for a newly-released McJuggerNuggets video, you have to begin the post with a spoiler warning, such as "[Spoilers]" and do not include major spoilers in the title itself. So he'd probably whine.

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His lower-than-dirt scumbag of a father. Hairy pussy black milf. Today's stream is gonna be epic MissionMemphis http: He claims that Jesse 'deserves' to have 'his' laptop destroyed, not knowing it was Jeffrey's, accuses Jesse of 'setting him up', then forces him to pick it all up [broken shards included] to show Jeffrey. Mcjuggernuggets mom naked. I hope this is fake. And that is this organization in a nutshell. Explains why HE did it. Some people have speculated that Jesse had woken up after a very long sleep by his brother, which seems to be the most plausible case.

I'm Badly Addicted to This Song. Nikki benz big tit creampie What will this series be about? This includes shitposting, hatred, advertising, chronic downvoting, and anything related. Psycho Dad Raids Stream

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